Hold Me Falling is LIVE!

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Hold Me Falling is Book 2 in the Falling series, and you can now find it at Amazon!

Here is the blurb:

One woman with a shattered soul.

Natalie Matthews depends on no one, not even after a car accident claims the lives of her husband and unborn baby. She doesn’t want pity, because she knows she has only herself to blame. But the moment she meets her sexy new neighbor, Cade, she recognizes in him a soul as broken as her own, and is drawn to the physical comfort he offers, without pity. Again and again.

It’s just sex. Isn’t it?

Cade makes her feel whole again, but there are parts of herself she can’t share. Like her guilt over destroying her perfect life, and her fear that she’ll destroy him, too. Can she let herself depend on him, or will she push him away when she needs him the most?

One man trying to forget the past.

Cade Ellis lived a charmed life as a wealthy young doctor, until a series of calamities left him a widower and put his career on hold. Now all he wants to do is forget. If that includes sleeping with every eligible woman in his new, small town – well, that’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make, if only to stop up the gaping hole in his chest where his heart used to be.

Then he meets Natalie.

One night together isn’t enough. She’s the only one he wants, and for the first time, he starts to picture building a new future. But when Cade is forced to dig deeper into his wife’s death, both his and Natalie’s futures are in danger. Maybe even their lives.

Can Cade and Natalie leave the past behind them and forge a future of their own? Or will the ghosts of their pasts destroy them before they get their happy ending?

Book Two started!

Well, I’ve officially ordered the covers for books two and three and the outline for book 2 is mostly done (and the book itself is started). Goal is to get it out by the end of February. I’d love to hit publish exactly 30 days from when I published CMF, but we’ll see.

I’ll post the cover once I’ve got it! (And the blurb once the rough draft is done, and finalized.) Book two is called “Hold Me Falling”, and it features Natalie (Alexa’s little sister) and Cade’s story, with Isaac, Alexa, and Jill making guest appearances. You can subscribe to my newsletter HERE to be notified when it’s released!

Catch Me Falling is in Review!

My debut novel is officially under review at Amazon. I pushed the button! I’ll update this post when it goes live. 🙂

So here is the cover and the blurb:


One woman with a shattered heart.

Alexa Matthews is singularly devoted to her law career, and she refuses to be distracted by anything…or anyone. But when she meets a smoldering ER doctor at a party one night, she does the one thing she swore never to do.

She has a one-night-stand.

He makes her feel wanted. Needed. Protected. And when that one night happens again – and again – she’s left wondering if the intense feelings that she experiences with the sexy doctor are something she can somehow forget, or if she’s finally lost control for good.

One man with iron-clad rules that can’t be broken.

Dr. Isaac Wallace is a man determined to rocket to the top, and he never lets anything get in the way of it. Not other colleagues, not hospital politics, and certainly not women. His motto when it comes to women is very simple–he doesn’t do repeats.

But when he meets the sexy attorney, he finds it difficult to keep his hands off her, and even more impossible to forget about her after their one mistaken night together. She makes him want to break his rules. And now he’s got a problem, because he has secrets that can never see the light of day – unless he wants to lose everything he now holds dear.

Can Alexa and Isaac find a way to heal each other’s broken hearts? Or will Isaac’s secret destroy their last chance at a happy ending?